• Full HD display

    The Dell P2219H Full HD 21.5" LCD Monitor delivers bright colours, sharp images, and plenty of detail. And because it's got an IPS panel, you'll get stunning clarity at just about any angle.

    More ways to multitask

    With Dell Display Manager software and Easy Arrange feature you can easily jump from window to window without getting muddled – you'll never accidently close the wrong page again.

    Adjust for maximal comfort

    Stay comfortable during long working sessions by adjusting the monitor to fit you. You can tilt and adjust the height of the monitor to get it just right.

    ComfortView technology and connectivity

    When you're binge-watching your favourite shows or in the middle of a game, ComfortView looks after your eyes so you can carry on for longer. And with a variety of ports, you can effortlessly switch between streaming and console gaming when needed.

    DELL 21.5" Monitor (P2219H)

    SKU: P2219H