• Audio conferencing in large rooms. Nureva has it covered.

    Large rooms demand multiple speakers and a range of microphones to make audio conferencing effective. Now you can fill a room with more than 16,000 microphones by hanging just two microphone and speaker bars on the wall. The result? A natural listening experience where everyone can be heard, no matter the size of the room or where they are positioned.


    Background the sound barrier

    The quality of audio conferencing is a critical element of the modern workplace. Businesses thrive on working collaboratively with clients and colleagues located inside and outside of the corporate office. Large rooms exacerbate the common audio conferencing problems associated with multiple people, big spaces and remote participants. Nureva’s breakthrough Microphone MistTM technology delivers 16,384 virtual microphones in the largest of meeting spaces for true full-room pickup and coverage. Quality and quantity – at a fraction of the cost of conventional systems.


    Large Rooms. Big audio challenge.

    If time and budget are on your side then acoustics consultants could be called upon to solve all of your audio conferencing challenges. The sound strategy will probably involve multi-channel audio, surround sound systems and strategically placed ceiling or wall speakers in set dispersion patterns. Even then you can’t be guaranteed proper pickup. With the Dual HDL300, you will see big benefits in your large rooms. Quality audio usually comes at a premium yet the Dual HDL300 delivers the highest quality for much less. No external experts needed. The solution can be installed without any specialist training in less than an hour.

    Nureva Dual HDL300

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